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Individual Nutrition Coaching

I have helped hundreds of people lose weight, lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar, support healthy pre- and post-natal nutrition, gain energy, manage gastrointestinal issues, and so much more. I believe in a sustainable, and science-based approach and one that fits your unique lifestyle. I am here to support, motivate, and educate you toward whatever goal you are working to achieve. I work with clients virtually, so appointments can be made at your convenience.
How it works:
Schedule an initial session so that we can dive into your lifestyle, current habits, and preferences. This session usually takes between 60-90 minutes. At the conclusion of our initial session, we will schedule a follow-up (usually a week or two weeks later) where we adjust the plan and goals based on what worked. After each session, you will receive a recap with everything we discussed, the goals we have agreed upon, and a plan! I will also send you links, recommendations, and reminders prior to sessions.

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Corporate Wellness Events

If you are looking to bring some wellness into your workplace, I offer corporate lectures based on a variety of topics, pantry makeovers and grocery store tours.


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